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Tailor-made pipetting solutions

Topscien is a leading provider of OEM or Original Equipment Manufacture liquid handling solutions. Thanks to our know-how and experience, we can take care of the whole process from engineering concept to dispatch.We have developed  different  technologies  that  can  be  applied to  custom-made  pipetting solutions. These include both electronic and mechanical pipette platforms. As a customer you can rest assured: Topscien 's solutions allow you
to improve not only the safety and reliability, but also the ease-of-use of your liquid handling system.

In many applications, such as diagnostic test and analysis systems, the accuracy of the results and reliability of the system are mission-critical. This requires a lot from all components of the  system  including the pipette. Topscien places  great  emphasis  on  the  accuracy , precision, safety  and  user-friendliness of its products. Its application-specific solutions have been carefully manufactured in accordance with international quality standards.

Custom-made for your needs

The Start electronic and  mechanical  pipettes, as well as  the new  dispenser  module  families  are  easy-to-adapt platforms for your liquid handling system. For more specific needs, Topscien offers tailored solutions based on any of its pipettes.

To learn more about Topscien’s OEM solutions, contact us.